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COMPETENCY QUALIFICATION   The Competency Qualification Programme was established in August 2007. It was renamed the Instructor Accreditation Programme in March 2011 in line with the postponement of the Skill Instructor Licensing System.  Effective from 1 August 2011, this programme reverted to its original name, i.e. Competency Qualification Programme, following the organisational restructuring of CIAST.   PERSONNEL AND EXPERT ACCREDITATION UNIT Manages and regulates the Qualification Recognition as Accreditation Personnel (PPKSPP) specifically PP, PPD, PPB, PP-PLV, PPD-PLV, COACH, P-NDTS, PP-International and PPB-International. Promotes, collects, registers, certifies and regulates Assessment and Verification Personnel (PPV) for PPL-SLaPB,  PPL-SLDN, PP-PPT, PPL-PPT and accredited facilitators.   ACCREDITATION INDUCTION COURSE UNIT Plans and conducts the Malaysian Skill Industry Accreditation Certification (KIPPKM) Course. Plans, manages and coordinates the implementation of the PPV Development and Enhancement Programme as well as the Appointment Renewal Assessment.   INTERNATIONAL TRAINING UNIT Plans, manages and coordinates the training for international participants with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JICA and other foreign agencies. Plans and conducts promotional activities for international courses. Coordinates external relations/international visitors.   SKILLS MALAYSIA UNIT Plans, manages and coordinates the Malaysia World Skills Competition and activities relating to it. Manages and coordinates preparation and readiness of Malaysian participants for the World Skills and ASEAN Skills Competitions. Conducts activities as the Secretariat of the Outstanding Experts’ Award. Coordinates Abilympics at state and national levels and the Panasonic Malaysia Skill Competition with third parties.
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